Get Festive at Flag This Holiday Season With These 3 Family-Friendly DIY Ornament Ideas

December 11, 2015

Take a break from shopping this holiday season by making some fun, creative DIY ornaments that will fill your Flag home with holiday cheer without costing a penny. Plan a cozy night in with the little ones, heat up mugs of hot chocolate, and try your hands at these family-friendly craft ideas.

  1. Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments. Your kids won't stay small forever, so create fun keepsakes that are the perfect ways to always remember their tiny little fingers. These easy ornaments take just a few minutes minutes to whip up using a simple salt dough, which you can make using common ingredients that you likely already have in the kitchen.
  2. Sequined Ball Ornaments. If your children are fans of all things bright and colorful, this rainbow-hued DIY project is also a great idea. By simply gluing a mishmash of sequins, paper cutouts, and loose buttons all over the surface of a Styrofoam ball, you can create eclectic ornaments that are sure to bring a smile to visitors' faces.
  3. Polar Bear Ornaments. With their beady eyes and white, furry faces, there's nothing cuter than these polar bear ornaments. This one is great for older kids, as it involves wrapping Styrofoam balls with white yarn and gluing on small pompoms to create their sweet little noses.

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