Benefits of Living in Military Housing

March 27, 2018

Whether you've already decided to apply for military housing or you're just starting to research this beneficial offer for military members and their families, there's a lot to know about life in military housing. One thing is undeniable, however: military housing offers a long list of amenities. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can enjoy if you decide to live in a Lincoln Military Housing community.

  • Rent allotment. The most obvious benefit of military housing is that your rent is paid for (in part or in full) by the military. Through your BAH or EFT, you can get a whole lot more bang for your buck by living in military housing than in civilian housing.
  • Community events. Lincoln Military Housing makes it easy to become close with your neighbors and make friends within the community by hosting parties, deployment support services, homecoming events, summer activities for the kids, and other fun events.
  • No credit checks or deposits. Unlike traditional housing, military housing does not require credit checks or any type of deposit when you apply or sign a lease.
  • Included average utilities. Even if you can afford the rent at a particular apartment, utilities may set you over budget. Luckily, military housing includes the average of your utilities, such as gas, water and electricity.
  • Convenient location. One of the biggest perks of military housing? You'll always be just minutes from base.
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