DIY Summer Activities You Can Do at Home (or a Nearby Park)

August 19, 2020

Summer camp may be canceled this year, but summer fun is not. If you’re having a hard time coming up with new and exciting ways to keep your kids entertained this summer, here are a few easy DIY ideas to keep you going.

Homemade Slime [One Little Project]

Gak, slime, whatever you call it, this ooey-gooey creation is decidedly more fun than playdough—and even easier to make. It all begins with something you probably have in your back-to-school kit: a bottle of white glue. Add borax, water, and the food coloring of your choice, and wait for the slime to congeal.

Bouncing Bubbles [DIY & Crafts]

Why would you blow boring breakable bubbles when you could make these (nearly) indestructible bouncing bubbles instead? The secret is glycerin. Add it to distilled water and dish soap, then use a straw to blow the bubbles. They’ll bounce off the ground a few times before they pop!

Super Soaker Sponge Balls [Natural Beach Living]

You’re probably spending more time outside right now since many places are closed—even on particularly hot summer days. These super soaker balls will make the sunshine a bit more enjoyable. Made from run-of-the-mill kitchen sponges, they soak up enough water to cool off pint-sized opponents in a water fight!

Summertime Bucket List [Home Stories A to Z]

This DIY project is actually just the beginning of summer fun. Follow this tutorial to create a cute bucket list with your little ones, full of things you want to accomplish before the school year begins, and hang it on the wall. Maybe you want to go for five more hikes, take a trip to your favorite ice cream shop, or catch a few fireflies! Whatever it is, add it to the list.

Nature Scavenger Hunt [Family Education]

Are your kids sick of going to the park by this point in the summer? Here’s something that might get them excited again! Create a nature scavenger hunt. Have them search for a certain type of tree, a bird of a specific color, or something as simple as a body of water. Bonus points if you provide a prize at the end of the hunt.

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