Embrace All Things Autumn With These DIY Ideas

October 5, 2022

The leaves are changing and pumpkin spice abounds—it’s officially autumn! Make sure your space aligns with the season by revamping your decor. Here are a few fun DIY ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Decorative Autumn Leaves [HGTV]

This project begins with either foraging or a trip to the craft store! Start by gathering faux silk or real fallen leaves, along with fishing lines and wax paper. Then tape the fishing line to the wax paper so you can hot-glue leaves all up and down the string. When you’re finished, hang the lines of autumn leaves behind your couch or over your dining room table.

Mini Herringbone Pumpkins [Lovely Indeed]

You don’t have to be a pro artist to recreate these adorable mini pumpkins. Just grab a few white mini pumpkins and paint pens in your hues of choice, then follow these instructions. Begin by tracing vertical lines from stem to bottom, following the pumpkin’s natural grooves. Then begin to connect these vertical lines with diagonal lines, alternating the slope of the lines as you move from one section to the next. By the time you’ve embellished the entire pumpkin, you’ll have created a simple and chic herringbone pattern.

Plaid Fall Wreath [Country Living]

If you want to express your enthusiasm for the season to guests before they even cross the threshold, hang this homemade wreath on your front door. It begins with a pre-made foam wreath form that you can buy at a craft store, along with plaid ribbon, plaid fabric, felt in autumn colors, and double-stick webbing. Begin by tracing and cutting leaves out of the fabric and felt, then wrap the foam wreath in the plaid fabric. Use the double-stick adhesive to affix the multi-toned leaves to the wreath and hang it with another piece of ribbon. That’s it!

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